“I had a really great time! Thanks so much for going ahead with the course even though I was the one and only person that signed up for this round. You did an absolutely amazing job – you’re very patient and clearly are very passionate about the sport and teaching/transferring knowledge.

AND…I will have you know that I went for a short ride in the Lower Seymour area on Sunday and my front rotor started to make this terrible squealing sound about 10 minutes into the ride. I pulled the wheel off and the brake pads off to find one of the callipers wasn’t going back into its proper position, causing the pad to rub. Pressed it back in, put it all back together, and away I went. Good as golden, my friend!!! So you did it. You gave me the confidence and helped me achieve my goal of feeling comfortable with some basic troubleshooting and repair with my bike. The course was totally worth it and then some!!”

Gail Wada – 1st ever Bikeroom student in 2012

“It feels like a totally different bike. Before, I could feel front and rear suspension as 2 separate things – now it feels like 1 level platform suspension.”

Ian St Martin – After completing a night at the Bikeroom Riders Course

“Barry came back understanding how to charge for labor, understanding his time is money and he has to charge for that”

Mark Rumsey: Hardcore Bikes – Service Manager Program

“Jacob came back excited and very confident in his mechanic ability, hes not afraid to move forward with the next repair and when he doesn’t know he asks”

Mark and Stephanie: Ruckus PG – 2 Week Mechanic Program followed by the Service Manager Program

“I had trouble finding my path.  I liked bikes, love working with my hands and now 3 years later I am a full time wrench at Obsession Bikes!”

Stoyan Mauyer – 2 Week Mechanic Program