We are a Bicycle Mechanic School  located on the North Shore of Vancouver, B.C.  We love riding bikes, educating people everything bikes and the bicycle industry.  At the Bikeroom we take the knowledge and skill mechanics already have and we build on those skills.  We teach transferable skills and understanding how it works vs. the individual procedure.  We have worked with a lot of great mechanics over the years and they all have different approaches to bicycle mechanics.

Example: Teaching how a disk brake works and why vs. the individual “step by step” procedure, so mechanics can take that knowledge and apply it to any brand of disk brake.

This way a mechanic can use his or her own knowledge and resources to fix “All” parts of the bicycle.  Every mechanic learns differently, uses their tools differently and needs to come up with their own way to mechanic, a way that works for them.

Our class sizes are very small (4 benches/4mechanics) easy going and very hands on.  We have some great industry partners who help prep mechanics for the industry supporting us with some of the coolest and innovative products.  We have so many different tools for you to try and work out if its the right tool for you.

At the Bikeroom, we believe that any person with the right attitude, aptitude and passion for bikes can transform into a beautiful mechanic.

Jeffery Bryson

Watch our video to learn more about the Bikeroom