Service Manager Program


This 2 day intensive program is for the shop owner, manager  or mechanic who wants to know and understand the inner workings of the service shop; understanding productivity/profitability, selling and charging properly for service, setting your shop rate and individual repairs as well as marketing your shops image

There is a “shift” happening in bicycle service shops all around the world.  The bicycle industry is starting to get competitive and shop owners are starting to improve all aspects of their stores including service.  The automotive and motorcycle industry jobs are paying living wage, they are doing this by keeping tabs on their shops image, tracking profitability/productivity, mechanic education and confidently charging/selling service.

During this program:

  • Students will come out with an understanding of the numbers behind the service shop, learning what it takes to keep the lights on!
  • learn to track profitability and productivity in your service shop and understand why its important.  Everyone wants to be challenged and want to feel at the end of the day that they accomplished something.  Mechanics want to prove their worth – let them show you how!
  • Students leave with a Flat Rate Chart tailored to their shop, to help keep pricing consistent and teach mechanics how to use it. Bikeroom believes the Flat Rate Chart is the backbone of the service shop.
  • Sell your shops image, sell your skills and sell service.  Customers need to know the value of your service and why.
  • Learn how to hire mechanics, integrate them into your service shop, train them and then keep the learning going.  All shops have a plethora of mechanics right under their nose wanting to work their way up the ranks.  We will teach you how to train and develop mechanics in house.  Train the happy rider with a great attitude and bit of skill, overtime to be a beautiful mechanic.
  • This program also includes Time Management, Communication and Conflict Resolution skills

This  program will leave you with the tools and confidence to grow and build happy mechanics, happy customers and because the numbers will show…..happy owners.  Your service shop mechanics will learn how to run their service shop productive, profitable, with customer satisfaction in mind and look to do this for years to come.

At the Bikeroom we believe the service shop should not just be an asset to the bike store but a money maker as well.

Cost: $1275

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Want to take your shop to the next level?  Have the Bikeroom come and work alongside your mechanics leading by example helping your staff get on board with direction you want to take your shop.