Riders Course

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This course is designed for all riders; Mountain, Commuter, Roadie and even the E Biker.

A 3 hour night course starting out with an introduction to the shop, tools, lubes and torque wrenches followed by a very hands on night.   This is a great way to learn to bleed your brakes, service a bearing, tape your bars or adjust your gears. Classes are always very small so there is a lot of attention and direction from the teacher working on your own bike.

Some of the skills we will teach include:
  • Mechanic fundamentals
  • Differences in types of grease, oil and lube
  • Bike setup
  • The tools in your pack
  • Trailside mechanics – What to do when….

Once completing this program its recommended you come down for bench time to keep the learning going.

Cost: $69

Schedule/Book online here

For more information email eli@bikeroom.ca