Jeffery Bryson

I love my family, friends, working with my hands, teaching; and pretty much anything mechanics.  I’ve been into bikes my whole life, ever since I can remember.  Riding bikes makes me feel free, steers my life, helps me think and rejuvenates my soul.  At age 13 a bike shop opened up down the street from where I lived and at that point bikes became my life.   I started out as the shop Grom and worked my way up to being a mechanic.

I feel lucky to have found bikes and be able to ride them everyday.

Experience I bring to the Bench

  • 22 years in the industry working on bicycles.  Still learning
  • Worked for MEC as their Services Coordinator facilitating the opening of 10 Service Shops across Canada.  I designed their Mechanic Training Program, wrote Procedure and implemented their Service Shop Measures (profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction)
  • Traveled around the world following the Enduro World Series as a mechanic for the top 2 Canadian riders Jesse Melamed and Remi Gauvin.  I make sure there bikes are always performing at the best of my abilities.
  • Have had amazing experiences working in all kinds of Service Shops around Western Canada and New Zealand.   Some of the shop’s I’ve had the pleasure working in are; Wheel Thing and Hardcore Bike Store in Edmonton, John Henry Bikes and On Top Bike Shop on the North Shore, Evolution Whistler and Bicycle LTD in New Zealand
  • Since starting the Bikeroom I have been keeping my learning going by working time in the industry.  I have been working at Mighty Riders, OHM Bikes getting an introduction to electric bikes and setting up some of the latest and greatest products by SRAM at their MTB Media and Marketing location here on the North Shore.  These shops test my skills in so many ways.

I am always learning and will never stop – being in my position I am always trying to be curious in everything bicycle mechanics.  Knowing their is always another way.

Jeffery Bryson