Eli Relke

Eli and the fleet of bikes he maintains for Endless Bikes

Eli and the fleet of bikes he maintains for Endless Bikes

Growing up on the north shore has exposed me to mountain biking at a very young age. From coaching the little ones to wrenching at your local shop, I’ve become accustomed to the havoc that the north shore can bring to your bike.

My love for mechanics all started with the barrel adjusters on my V-brakes; once I figured that out, every kid on the block had well adjusted brakes. Not too long after I was pulling apart my headset, ending in ball bearings on the floor and a trip to the local bike shop for some new ones.

I currently own a commuter, an all mountain bike and a downhill rig. They all get used, but there’s always room for more.

Lately I have been focussing on suspension; tuning and servicing it can be daunting. Over the past few years working at Endless Biking, I’ve gained a lot of experience with suspension set-ups and bike fit.

My goal is to keep the sport growing and help people get the most out of their ride.

Eli Relke – Ride.Maintain.Repeat

We are pumped to have Eli teaching our Riders MTB course and leading Benchtime.  Eli has a passion for everything bikes and it shows.

Jeffery Bryson РOwner.Trainer.Rider