Andy Wardman

I moved to Canada from England in 2007. Back home I had worked for too long doing a technical job with a large chemical manufacturer. Canada gave me an opportunity for a new start. I had been into bikes for a long time, I liked working on bikes and mechanical work in general, so I figured why not try turning a hobby into a profession . It was a steep learning curve! At first I didn’t know enough to appreciate how little I really knew. My knowledge and skill level has increased dramatically over the last five years and so has the feeling that I still have a lot to learn. Being a bike mechanic is a challenging job!


I had the honor and privilege of working with Jeff Bryson first at MEC and then John Henry Bikes. I have learnt a great deal from Jeff, he is a great teacher and that is why I am stoked to be helping Jeff with the Bikeroom.

I currently live in East Vancouver and work as a full time mechanic at Lynn Valley Bikes.

I ride the roads and trails of the glorious North Shore.