4 Day Intensive

Mechanics today are required to work on many different manufactures and models of bicycle components.  It is up to the Mechanic to service and maintain these components to manufacturer standards while doing so in a timely manner.  When doing so a mechanic needs to be able to find tech documents, procedure guides so they get it done right, the first time.  At the Bikeroom we can give you the confidence to service and maintain any component on the bicycle.

Our 4 Day Intensive includes:

  • Servicing and Maintaining many different makes of suspension forks (Rock Shocks, Fox and Suntour)
  • Overhauling and bleeding all makes of disk brakes (Avid, Shimano, etc)
  • 1 full day with Reverbs: Learn to maintain, service and charge accordingly
  • Access and service rear shocks including charging for a 3rd party service

This program is an add on the our two week mechanic program and designed around keeping productivity and profitability in mind.  To be a good mechanic you are required to uphold a standard set by yourself, the service shop you work in and the manufacturer.  This also means being productive and to turn the lights on and keep them on, profitable.

Prerequisites to this course are our 2 week mechanic program/any other bicycle school 2 week program,  or at least 1 year working as a mechanic in a recognized bicycle shop.

Cost: $1175

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